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Hello Queen! My name is Iesha. I am a mother of two. I have always had a passion to serve others and an even greater passion to empower women. Since the birth of my first child, I've dealt with anxiety and depression at times. I found that aromatherapy, meditation, massages and self healing was very important. After the birth of my second child, I suffered from irregular cycles and hormonal changes. I knew that I needed to change my lifestyle to save my life. That is how Queendom Care Holistic Day Spa was born. I wanted offer a place of peace and healing for all women to enjoy unapologetically. In 2017, I decided to look into healthy ways to help me and other women with those same issues; which lead me to starting a online health and wellness business with Total Life Changes. I began to change my eating habits and exercising regularly. Alone my journey I found a new fondness of visiting the spa and getting away without going anywhere. That's how I came up with "Queendom Care Holistic Day Spa".

Mobile Spa Services
Well, we all know life changed for everyone in 2020 and social distance, privacy and safety is big for everyone. Since that took place I had the vision of creating " The Queendom Care Experience" It's a spa experience in the privacy of your own home or in our Spa. Allow Queendom Care to cater to you treating you as the Queen that you are. Providing personal services for you and your invited guest. I have always enjoyed creating a memorable experience for others. Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Ladies Day and any other special occasion. Now you can create your very own spa package for yourself or a small group of your good girlfriends in your own private space. We offer noninvasive liposuction, lipo clavation, radio frequency skin tightening, cellulite reduction, breast enhancement, butt enhancement, foot detox, yoni steam, waxing services and sauna.

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